Conference Keynote Presentations

Keynote Presentation #1: Fundraising Leadership: Engaged Boards Make A Difference

Getting board members involved and excited about fundraising is one of the greatest challenges Karin Cox has found over her decades of work with nonprofit organizations. Drawing from her book, Fundraising Leadership: The Essential Guide for Nonprofit Board Members Who Want to Make a Lasting Difference, Karin will inspire the audience and share how board members can be more engaged and effective at growing philanthropy. Board members don’t want to fail: let’s help them do the one thing that will have the greatest impact! Taking the fear out of fundraising, Karin will guide professionals and volunteer leaders through the tried and true process of raising more money–and thus, changing lives and impacting generations through their leadership.

Karin Cox
Karin Cox is co-founder of Hartsook Companies where she specializes in major gift and campaign fundraising to help educational, arts, health and human services nonprofit organizations of every size and scope raise millions of dollars. She has served in leadership roles in nonprofit and business sectors. A frequent presenter at national, regional and local conferences and events, Karin is the author various articles and a book, Fundraising Leadership: The Essential Guide for Nonprofit Board Members Who Want to Make a Lasting Difference. She developed the widely adopted Cox Grid, which was first presented in her “Fundraising Events” chapter in Fundraising Practices and Principles, the definitive fundraising text published by Jossey-Bass. Karin has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, is Chief Academic Officer of Hartsook Institutes and is a faculty member of Hartsook Institute at Avila University.



Keynote Presentation #2: Unlocking the Potential for Major Gifts Fundraising

Major gift philanthropy plays a highly significant role in the nonprofit sector worldwide. But what are the indicators especially small to medium shops should focus on for the long-term health of their major gifts program? In this session presented by Jay Love we will dive into the newest groundbreaking research on major gift fundraising, conducted by Adrian Sargeant PhD – Professor of Fundraising and Director at the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy Plymouth Business School – and leading fundraising expert Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE. This research contains survey data collected from hundreds of nonprofits raising $10 million or less, and illuminates their experience with major gifts. No matter the size of your organization, you will come away with additional insights.

  • Discover how your major gift efforts compare with other nonprofits
  • Learn the critical success factors that lead to major gift success
  • Uncover 10 key recommendations for how revenue from major gift donors might best be developed

Jay B. Love
Jay B. Love is CEO and Co-Founder of Bloomerang. He most recently served as the Senior Vice President of Avectra. Prior to Avectra, he was CEO of Social Solutions and Senior Vice President of the Arts and Cultural Division of Blackbaud. Prior to Blackbaud, he was the CEO and Co-Founder of eTapestry. After growing the company to more than 8,000 nonprofit clients and charting seven years of record growth in Indianapolis, eTapestry was acquired by Blackbaud. Prior to starting eTapestry, Jay served 14 years as President and CEO of Master Software Corporation. Jay has also been a business consultant for numerous high-tech firms throughout the U.S. He is a graduate of Butler University with a B.S. in Business Administration. He currently serves on the boards of numerous nonprofits and one private tech company. He and his wife Christie served as Co-Chairs for the Indianapolis YMCA 2011 Capital Campaign and are the proud parents of three children as well as three granddaughters. He was a Founding Chairman of NPower Indiana, Founding Member of Techpoint Foundation and Founding Member of the AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) Business Member Council. He also chairs the AFP Ethics Committee.

The conference will offer five tracks, detailed below. Please see the Conference Program webpage for detailed information about individual workshops and round tables as it becomes available.

Emerging Track – 60 and 90 minute workshops

Emerging – for professionals with 3 or less years of experience and exposure to the various aspects of fundraising. This track offers an opportunity to gain knowledge in preparation for transition to new levels of expertise and responsibility.

  • The Annual Campaign: Doing It Well and Then Doing It Even Better Next Year, Jane Stein, MBA, JPS Consulting, Norfolk
  • What You Need to Know About Planned Giving—When Planned Giving is Not All That You Do©, Timothy D. Logan, FAHP, ACFRE, Innovairre Communications, Reston
  • The Power of Passionate Fundraising, Wayne Olson, Wayne Olson Consulting LLC, Owens Cross Roads, Alabama
Advancing Track – 60 and 90 minute workshops

Advancing – for professionals with 5-10 years of experience, who have a broad base of fundraising knowledge, supervisory and volunteer management responsibilities. This track will help to develop expertise in one or more areas of development program management.

  • How Do I Know What I Don’t Know? Developing the Skills to be a Successful Development Officer, Ken Coffey, Self Regional Healthcare Foundation, Greenwood, South Carolina, and Jim Lyons, Pride Philanthropy, Roswell, Georgia
  • Making the Successful Ask – Wendy S. McGrady and Victoria W. Dietz, The Curtis Group, Virginia Beach
  • Major Gifts: Donor-Centric Fundraising Supported by Data-Centric Systems –  Ann Criswell-Caligaris, CFRE, formerly of Elk Hill, Goochland, and Joanna Joslyn, Joslyn Creative, Charlottesville
  • The Art and Science of Retaining Digital Donors – Steven Shattuck, Bloomerang, Indianapolis, Indiana
Leading Track – 60 and 90 minute sessions of facilitated discussion

Leading – for professionals with 10 + years of experience, who are the lead development officer in their organization, have a broad base of fundraising knowledge and expertise, and are responsible for development program management and volunteer and board engagement.

  • Training Your CEO to Fundraise—How to Develop a Highly Successful Partnership – Virginia Thumm, Virginia Fundraising Consultants, Norfolk
  • Fundraising and the Science of Decision Making – Alan R. Hutson, Jr., MPA, CFRE, The Monument Group, Richmond
  • Romancing the Board: How to Get Engaged –  Allan Burrows and Clare Jordan, Capital Development Services, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Talking to Boards and Bosses about Fundraising – Daniel Jenuwine, Richner & Richner, LLC, Ann Arbor, Michigan


General Track – 60 and 90 minute workshops

General – addresses topics of interest to all professionals, regardless of level of experience.

  • Courageous Fundraising: Combating the Fear of Being Told “No” – D. Todd Gray, YMCA of Greater Rochester, Rochester, New York
  • How to Run an Effective Small Shop Without Going Crazy – Amanda Kennedy, CFRE, St. Andrew’s School and Danielle Ripperton, CFRE, Peter Paul Development Center, Richmond
  • How Healthy is Your Fundraising Program: Using Technology to Know –  Traci Prantner, Innovairre Communications, Akron, Ohio/Lynchburg
  • The Story Behind the Story and Lessons Learned from Saving Sweet BriarMary Pope Hutson, Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, and David H. King, Alexander Haas, Atlanta, Georgia
Professional Development Track - 60 and 90 minute workshops

NEW! Professional Development – addresses topics related to the ongoing development of the individual professional. Of interest to all professionals, regardless of level of experience.

  • Personal Values + Organizational Culture = How to Find Joy in your Fundraising Career – Abbi Leinwand Haggerty, Ph.D., Partnership for Nonprofit Excellence, Richmond
  • How to Build a Team You Can Truly Love – Anna Goldenberg, Goldenberg Consulting, LLC, Norfolk
  • Thirty Ways to Better Lead and Succeed – Phillip E. Perdue, CFRE, WHRO Public Media, Norfolk
  • What is White Space? Creating Time to Pursue What Matters Most – Katheine Harrison, GraceWorks, LLC, Harrisonburg

See Home page for details on the pre-conference workshop, It’s NOT Just About the Money…Building Authentic Major Donor Relationships.